Our Objective

NewBuild brings the integration of sophisticated automatic technologies to enhance the living standard. We develop modern 3D printing technology to build construction in the automation process with eco-friendly material and also produce the 3D model designing from your creative imagination. 

The main purpose of NewBuild is currently concentrating on environmental protection, labor-saving, and hi-tech application. It is confident to say we are on the right track to open up the technology revolution which is better than what the traditional method did.  

  • 3D printing (Rapid Prototyping) is described as additive manufacturing integration which is laying down the layers of molten plastic, liquid, metal, or cement until they form up the physical objects.
  • The solution of 3D printing is not only assisting the framework production process but also innovating the new creative designs of products for the manufacturing industry.

3D Printing Advantage

Our Advantage
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